Funky Friday - 10.07.11

Funky Friday music = songs that will make you shake your groove thing, your tail-feather (or whatever other pet name you have for your posterior).

I am loving this song right now. LOVING! It’s by a Brooklyn duo that are working under the moniker GAMES, but also release music under the name of Ford & Lopatin (you may have heard their song Emergency Room that got some attention this summer). They, Daniel Lopatin and Joel Ford, have an album on iTunes (called Channel Pressure) using the Ford & Lopatin title and have released two EPs using GAMES. This song, No Disguise, is a GAMES release. I’m not sure if picking band names that make Googling impossible is a new trend but here’s to hoping that they stick with Ford & Lopatin. Either way, the music they are releasing is pretty fresh. It seems to have this 80’s/80’s R&B vibe that I am really feeling. That is especially true for this song. Good stuff.

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